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"Carrie is not only incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of law but is sincerely invested using her knowledge and experience to do the most she can for her clients- in short, she's a gem?"     J.J. Dukes County




"I just would like to say that Carrie White is one of the best attorneys I have worked with.  I have been in trouble in the past and recently crossed paths with the law again.  She answered all my questions, prepared me for my case and above and beyond for my defense.  My bail was outrageous and she was able to reduce it to release on personal recognizance.  Attorney White fought for me and we won...all charges were dismissed.  If I ever need an attorney or legal advice, without a doubt I will call Attorney White.  She has your best interest at heart and will fight for you till the end.      K.J. Barnstable County




"Attorney White is terrific. Smart. Personable. Very likable. Strategic.  I had a minor case- Not minor to me.  She calmed me down and said that I was right, but there was no need to call out the dogs and spend money.  She solved the problem. Charged very little money." R.G. 

Justitia Goddess


"Attorney White is very informed about family laws. She was very influential in helping me with my divorce case. She provided timely updates and quickly returned my calls and replied to my texts, even on holidays. She made sure I was satisfied with any agreement before I signed it. I am very delighted with the services and legal counsel Ms. White delivered. I strongly attribute my success in the case to the expertise, knowledge, and sincere counsel she offered. I strongly recommend her to families, friends, and others."

K.A. – Worcester, MA

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