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Carrie B. White is the owner of CB WHITE LAW, PC where they specialize in Divorce/Family Law litigation and Mediation.  Attorney White has a unique and well-rounded background that gives clients a comprehensive viewpoint to help them make informed decisions on their cases.  She is a former prosecutor, police officer/sex crimes investigator, director of a sexual assault & domestic violence center.     


Attorney White has over 25 years of combined experience fighting for people and navigating the legal system.  She excels in the courtroom yet she is a highly effective negotiator.  Attorney White is committed to a high level of communication with her clients so they know where their case stands at all times.  She is able to counsel clients through difficult legal and life decisions with compassion and respect.

Attorney White continues to consult for domestic violence & sexual assault crisis centers in various counties within Massachusetts.  Attorney White is excellent at handling delicate cases with professionalism and passion.

Attorney White has a J.D. of Law, a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology.  She is also a Graduate of Weymouth Regional Police Academy - 7th MPOC 2004.  

Attorney White is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.​​

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